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Parental antagonism theory of language evolution

The Parental Antagonism Theory of Language Evolution: Preliminary Evidence for the Proposal Please find attached a paper I have written presenting a new theory for language evolution (called “parental antagonism theory”). It is based, in part, on intragenomic conflict theory … Continue reading

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Scan Two of Sixteen

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Scanning Marlon

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Baby’s genome hidden in Mother’s blood

Baby’s genome hidden in mother’s blood

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Variation in gestation length in mammals

Developmental biology: Placenta key to fetal growth rate Nature 468, page 603 (02 December 2010) doi:10.1038/468603d Gestation period varies widely in the mammalian world, with some species developing twice as fast as others in the womb. This is largely because … Continue reading

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Seasonal adaptations and climate change

NATURE NEWS Plants flowering later on the Tibetan Plateau HANNAH HOAG Shorter growing season linked to warmer winters on ‘the roof of the world’. The Tibetan Plateau is blooming later than it did 30 years ago. In many regions, climate … Continue reading

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