Laws of Attraction at the Natural History Museum in London Friday April 29th 2011 7pm

Here about the "Laws of Attraction" with Dr Brown and others at the Natural History Museum in London

Wire Frame Body Models courtesy of Lisa Naugle University of California

The Laws of Attraction – After Hours event

Come see me give a talk on the laws of attraction. Drink, food and debate — cannot think of a better way to spend a Friday night in April 🙂



29 April 2011 19:00

Before love and lust comes attraction. Stolen glances, butterflies, tingly spine, your eyes meet across a crowded room, and sparks fly.

But what is it that makes us attractive? And can we do anything to boost our levels – or even play them down?

Join us to talk about the many strategies humans, and animals too, have to bring us all closer to the object of our desires.

We’ll be discussing physical features, colour, display, scent and more as we explore the art of attraction, the science of seduction and what sometimes comes in between… the connivance of cheating!

Looking to bag yourself a prince… or princess? Then don’t miss this.

We’ll be joined by guest speakers. Watch this space for details.

£9 members

Booking Required
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About sociogenomics

I study behaviour and evolution. This space is about sharing with others notable (and sometimes unexpected) findings that relate to my own scientific interests and research.
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